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Reaxys retrieves literature, compound properties and chemical reaction data faster than any other solution.

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Reaxys offers a highly intuitive interface and robust database to help leading chemists retrieve relevant chemical literature, patent information, valid compound properties and experimental procedures in half the time.

Designed to support the full range of chemistry research, including pharmaceutical development, environmental health & safety work and material science, Reaxys puts every scientist, from novice to expert, on the shortest path to answers.

With powerful search options and instant access to expertly curated chemical data, Reaxys helps chemists and researchers:

  • Discover chemical structures, properties and reactions
  • Find relevant chemistry literature and patents with ease
  • Construct queries with streamlined, intuitive interfaces
  • Assess compound synthesis and purchase options
  • Share research data within and outside an organization or institution
  • Compare in-house and published experimental data

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Solve chemistry research problems in half the time with Reaxys

Users of Reaxys4:51h   
Users of leading competitive solution11:00h   
Users of all other solutions13:09h   
Source: Based on ~1,700 players competing to solve the same set of research problems during 2015 ChemSearch Challenge. Data shown is average time (minutes and seconds).

With Reaxys, research complexity and inefficiency are replaced with the freedom to discover, innovate and drive chemistry research forward.

Reaxys helps organizations by enabling chemists to:

  • Work faster: When nearly 1,700 users competed to solve the same set of chemistry research problems during the 2015 ChemSearch Challenge, a multi-week online competition for chemists. Reaxys users performed twice as fast as users of other chemistry research solutions.
  • More easily find relevant data: Reaxys' smart indexing and streamlined user interface enables even novice or occassional users to retrieve precise data points from within peer reviewed articles, search patents and assess synthesis and property data.
  • Explore and discover more: Reaxys lets users easily control their search results views and see possibilities they may not have considered otherwise.

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"The data from Reaxys is the cleanest we have access to. The effort put into standardizing and normalizing Reaxys makes them easy to map to our internal database structure." Dr. Jonny Wray, e-Therapeutics

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"I have found Reaxys to have an amount and diversity of substance properties unlike any other tool I’ve used." Dr. Carsten Schauerte, solid-chem GmbH

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Reaxys provides powerful search options to give researchers total control of their search, ensuring only the most relevant answers to their chemistry questions.

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