Comparative drug safety data for an evolving pharmacovigilance environment

A systemic approach to pharmacovigilance, taking into account signals from multiple sources of information – including literature and spontaneous adverse event reports – is needed to make the best risk-benefit decisions.

How PharmaPendium helps
PharmaPendium provides comparative regulatory-based evidence in a single database, informing critical pre- and post-market drug safety activities.

Pharmacovigilance - PharmaPendium | Elsevier

It provides searchable FDA and EMA regulatory documents, Adverse Events Reports and FDA Advisory Committee meetings, along with unique FAERs search capabilities and extracted pharmacokinetic, efficacy, safety and metabolising enzyme and transporter data. PharmaPendium helps users:

  • Find and export post-market safety data to augment PV reporting requirements
  • Identify safety signals and drug-drug interaction concerns that become evident post-market

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  • Predict drug-drug interactions to ensure more effective risk management strategies
  • Anticipate potential safety risks in both clinical studies and post-market

Customer story

"Instead of spending weeks gathering data that we’d then have to standardize, we now spend half a day on PharmaPendium." Dr. Kevin Lustig, President & CEO The Assay Depot Inc.

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Enabling Comprehensive Assessments of Drug-Drug Interaction Risks - PharmaPendium | Elsevier

How PharmaPendium works

PharmaPendium provides Drug Safety and FAERs data, along with dedicated data modules that provide insights and information on the critical focused areas of drug development, drug safety, ADME and drug-drug interactions.

Download the PharmaPendium Fact Sheet (PDF, 883kb)

Efficacy Module

Optimize drug candidate selection and mitigate the risk of sub-optimal clinical trial study designs with deeply enriched, comparative efficacy data extracted from FDA and EMA drug approval documents.

Download the Efficacy Module Fact Sheet (PDF, 2.6mb)

Pharmacokinetics Module

Drive successful regulatory approval strategies by analyzing drug candidates' pharmacokinetic properties within the context of the complete landscape of approved drugs.

Download the Pharmacokinetics Module Fact Sheet (PDF, 854kb)

Metabolizing Enzyme and
Transporter Proteins Module

Uncover potential drug-drug
interactions with access to a
unique source of searchable
preclinical and clinical
metabolizing enzymes and
transporter data.

Download the Metabolizing Enzyme and Transporter Proteins Fact Sheet (PDF, 1.2mb)

Ideas and insights for industry professionals

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Elsevier Pharmacovigilance Survey - R&D Solutions | Elsevier

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A practical guide to end-to-end pharmacovigilance

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In response to new drug safety regulations that require PV teams to cover the full product life cycle, we present a practical guide to end-to-end pharmacovigilance.  
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Achieve pharmacovigilance with less pain with solutions that help you identify critical patient safety signals and automate the processes of capturing and managing adverse drug reaction and safety information, 
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