Expanded access to drug safety information

Leverage drug approval precedents and published data in a single search

Gain additional insights that can help inform decisions on drug candidates throughout development. PharmaPendium provides searchable FDA/EMA drug approval packages and extracted comparative precinical, clinical and post-market data critical to drug development decisions. Embase is a rich source of published information on approved and non-approved drugs. Working together, they deliver essential information needed to identify your most promising drug candidates and to make better decisions during and after drug development.

drug safety – Examine Information

Examine comparative drug safety approval information and augment it with published data to help make better informed risk management and mitigation decisions.

  • Reduce the risk of regulatory cycling with improved preclinical and clinical study design
  • Gain insights into prior or emerging concerns on drug safety
  • Examine investigational drugs for additional indications

Stay better informed on post-market drug developments through comparative study approaches, and examination of FAERS and post-market data.

  • Monitor off-label uses of drugs to identify potential new indications of already approved drugs
  • Better anticipate if Phase IV studies will be required
  • Optimize clinical and post-market study designs by examining comparative data on select patient subpopulations and clinical endpoints

drug safety – post-market drug