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PharmaPendium addresses critical needs for scientists involved in drug candidate characterization and preclinical and clinical drug development with essential information and data that helps them make the best informed decisions and save valuable research time. Discover how PharmaPendium provides insights that impact the varied aspectsof drug development.

Empowering better, more informed decisions

You can have better risk mitigation strategies if you can depend on the information that you've found. The more information you have, the more informed choices you can make and most probably the more intelligent programs you can make in your project. PharmaPendium helps us to make better, more informed decisions.

Specialist, Major pharmaceutical company

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Cutting research times from weeks to hours

"For a typical project, the PK staff will be told: 'We would like your advice as a pharmacokinetics specialist regarding this drug molecule.' They will then simply go into PharmaPendium, enter the name of the drug molecule, and extract the PK data – all in one session." Scientific information manager, Leading dermatology company

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Understanding regulatory agencies concerns

"This is very useful, particularly when dealing with regulatory submission packages for FDA and the EMA, to see the information on which their decisions were made." Chris Penland, Senor Expert Modeler

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Enabling comprehensive assessments of drug-drug interaction risks

Dr. Kevin Lustig, President and CEO of The Assay Depot, Inc., and Dr. Maria Thompson, Principal Consultant, look at the dynamics of drug metabolizing enzymes and transporters and how an understanding of this critical aspect of biology enables assessments of drug-drug interaction risks.

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