Fully searchable drug approval documents and extracted data to inform critical drug development decisions.

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Look ahead to determine the best drug development strategy

Challenges are inevitable on the path to regulatory approval of drug candidates. Successful drug development involves anticipating those challenges as early as possible.

Comparative and up-to-date clinical information is needed to verify pharmacokinetic and experimental data, anticipate species-specific issues in translating in vitro and in vivo studies, predict potential drug–drug interactions and design clinical trial studies to best preclude regulatory issues.

With searchable FDA/EMA drug approval documents and comparative drug safety, pharmacokinetic, efficacy and metabolizing enzyme and transporter data, PharmaPendium helps you with:

Look ahead to determine the best drug development strategy - PharmaPendium | Elsevier Solutions

  • Better risk assessments of your drug candidate’s toxicity
  • Detailed assessments of your drug candidate’s PK parameters and properties
  • Better assessment of the best animal model to use and how results will translate to the clinic

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  • Rapid evaluation of potential drug-drug interaction risks
  • Increased chances of successful submissions to regulatory authorities
  • Improved clinical trial designs by optimizing selection of sample size, primary/secondary endpoint and study design

Regulatory knowledge at your fingertips

Access to comprehensive drug safety information, drug metabolism, clinical efficacy data and drug approval documents helps researchers answer critical preclinical questions and increases confidence in drug development decisions. PharmaPendium provides comparative regulatory-based evidence in a single database, informing critical pre- and post-market drug safety activities. Fully searchable FDA and EMA regulatory documents, Adverse Events Reports and FDA Advisory Committee meetings, along with unique FAERs search capabilities and extracted pharmacokinetic (PDF, 854kb), efficacy (PDF, 2.6mb), safety and metabolizing enzyme and transporter (PDF, 1.2mb) data allow you to:

  • Find and export post-market safety data to augment PV reporting requirements
  • Identify safety signals and drug-drug interaction concerns that become evident post-market
  • Predict drug-drug interactions to ensure more effective risk management strategies
  • Anticipate potential safety risks in both clinical studies and post-market

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Comprehensive assessment of DDI risk

Drug-drug interactions (DDIs) can lead to severe side effects and have resulted in refusal of approval, prescribing restrictions, withdrawal from the market and, in extreme cases, deaths. Identifying and assessing the risk of DDIs is a priority during drug development to ensure patient safety as well as a comprehensive risk management strategy.
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Translational & Clinical Research

Phase II efficacy-related clinical trial failure rates can be as high as 57%, driving pharmaceutical companies on a quest to improve outcomes. As clinical trials become more complex and costly, optimized study designs that take drug candidate efficacy and efficacy precedents into account are an essential part of risk mitigation.
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Interoperability with Embase

PharmaPendium and Embase work together to provide streamlined and comprehensive information that better informs your risk management strategy. Searching for a drug in PharmaPendium triggers a matched search in Embase and linked access to relevant information from the biomedical literature.
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What our customers say

Reducing adverse event risk with informed, data-driven decisions about DDIs - PharmaPendium | Elsevier

The key to avoiding DDIs

Today, drug-drug interactions (DDIs) account for 3-5% of all reported adverse drug reactions. Find out how to best identify potential DDIs and assess their risk.

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"You can have better risk mitigation strategies if you can depend on the information that you've found. The more information you have, the more informed choices you can make.... PharmaPendium helps us to make better, more informed decisions." Specialist, major pharmaceutical company

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"[PharmaPendium] is very useful, particularly when dealing with regulatory submission packages for FDA and the EMA, to see the information on which their decisions were made." Laura Newman, Scientist

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Drug safety webinar

Learn how PharmaPendium allows you to leverage regulatory context and extracted drug safety, PK and metabolizing data to help address drug safety assessment questions that often arise during clinical development.

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PharmaPendium fact sheets

PharmaPendium offers dedicated data modules that provide insights and information on the critical focused areas of drug development, drug safety, ADME and drug-drug interactions.
Download the PharmaPendium Fact Sheet (PDF, 409kb)

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Gain key insights on drug efficacy benchmarks from approved drugs:

In drug development, it is essential to gain insight into drug efficacy to help with triaging drug candidates, designing better studies for clinical trials, and selecting the most appropriate clinical endpoints and indications. The new Efficacy Module for PharmaPendium delivers those insights, enabling more informed decisions in translational and clinical study design.
Download the efficacy module fact Sheet (PDF, 2.6mb)

Access preclinical and clinical exposure data:

Refine therapeutic window analyses and experimental design with high quality precedent data from approved drugs.
Download the Pharmacokinetics fact sheet (PDF, 875kb)

Model drug behavior in vivo:

Explore this vast database to anticipate drug-drug interactions, drug efficacy and toxicity.
Download the metabolizing enzymes & transporters fact sheet (PDF, 1.2mb)

Identify and assess drug-drug interactions:

Evaluate potential drug-drug interactions, drug efficacy and toxicity with a comprehensive database of pharmacokinetic and metabolizing enzyme and transporter information, along with a powerful DDI Risk Calculator.
Download the DMPK fact sheet (PDF, 1.1mb)