Geofacets Empowers Geoscience Researchers and Students

Research and education are the cornerstones of the best academic institutions, where publishing innovative ideas and producing successful, well-informed students are key objectives. Yet, researchers and students often rely on out-of-date approaches for finding geoscience data, which decreases their ability to create reputable research.

With hundreds of thousands of maps and tables that are easily discoverable on a spatial platform, Geofacets empowers geoscience students and researchers to find the insights they need. Maps and tables are actionable and can be integrated into analysis and presentation software, informing analyses for publishing purposes and saving time.

Who Uses Geofacets?

Geofacets helps supercharge the workflow and research of faculty and students within academic institutions:

Researchers and geoscience professors use Geofacets to better inform hypotheses and analyses so that they achieve publishing goals. Faculty can also use Geofacets in the classroom to get students up to speed on cutting-edge geologic information and help educate them on multiple geologic subject areas.

Students use Geofacets to fill in knowledge gaps on particular regions or topics and find insights for research papers that may otherwise have been buried in the literature.

Geofacets is a really great tool for
researchers to find inspiration.

Read this case study from ETH Zurich (PDF, 2.6mb)

I estimate I saved 50% of my research
time using Geofacets.

Read this interview with a geoscience (PDF, 748kb)

Why Invest in Geofacets?

Geofacets accelerates the researcher’s workflow so they can work faster and smarter, while helping support and enhance publishing output by providing leading-edge knowledge and scientific backup that is just clicks away. Plus, it facilitates hands-on analysis in the classroom so students gain deeper understanding of core and specialized subject area principles.

Geofacets for Research and Education Brochure

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