Geofacets helps oil and gas companies do more with less

In today’s unpredictable environment, successful oil and gas companies need to spend wisely, reduce geologic risks and improve success rates. Companies can no longer spend 80% of their time searching for and formatting information and data to make the best decisions.

Geofacets doubles efficiency and enables entire exploration and development teams to gain a deeper geologic understanding of petroleum systems and reservoir properties—which ultimately leads  to better investment decisions. Geofacets combines a vast, vetted library of maps, figures, and tables with powerful location-based search targeting, so geoscientists find content fast and ahead of the competition. Geofacets also helps exploration teams build more confident 3D models of the subsurface, through integration to GIS, Petrel, and Excel for analysis.

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 Geoscientists in exploration and development - Geofacets | Elsevier

Geoscientists in exploration and development:

Geofacets helps geoscientists in oil and gas exploration and development reduce research time by up to 50%. Regardless of individual specialties or information needs, Geofacets enables entire teams to make more confident recommendations. Geoscientists can access over 1.5 million maps, figures, and tables to get an overview of a basin, evaluate source rock information, analyze well data, and more.

GIS software specialists - Geofacets | Elsevier

GIS software specialists:

For professionals who analyze and model the subsurface, Geofacets reduces formatting and organization of geoscience data and information. Maps, tables and figures are easily searchable on a spatially-smart platform. Maps and shapefiles can be directly imported into ArcGIS or Petrel, while tables can be analyzed and further formatted in Excel. Figures, like seismic sections and stratigraphy, are downloadable as TIFFs.

Exploration and development team leaders - Geofacets | Elsevier

Exploration and development team leaders:

Agile leaders of oil and gas exploration and development teams need Geofacets to identify opportunities, assess risk, and strategically react to opportunities. Geofacets helps exploration teams scope prospects more closely, reducing both research costs and third party data expenditures, while readying development teams to grow reserves from their existing assets.

"[Using Geofacets], we have more precisely determined our boundaries." Exploration Geologist, Oil & Gas Company

Why invest in Geofacets?

In the current economic climate, oil and gas companies must operate excellently to lower costs and stay profitable. Geofacets helps oil and gas companies prioritize opportunities, optimize resources, and manage risk. Using Geofacets lets geoscientists invest more time analyzing and acting on information and geologic data, instead of spending time searching for it.

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