An Essential Solution for Geoscientists Using GIS Software

Exploration geoscientists are tasked with the tremendous responsibility of determining whether a viable natural resource exists beneath the subsurface. Geofacets empowers geoscientists to make more informed analyses and recommendations while accelerating their workflow.

Used by Experts Across the Globe

Exploration/New Ventures Geoscientists:

Exploration New Ventures Geoscientists - Geofacets | Elsevier

Geologists, geochemists and geophysicists from leading O&G and metals and mining companies around the world use Geofacets - and its actionable geoscience map and table content and time-saving search capabilities - for addressing and prioritizing exploration prostpects and plays.

GIS Software Specialists:

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For professionals who conduct geoscience map information gathering and syntheses to support exploration projects, Geofacets is a goldmine of downloadable and georeferenced map image files that are immediately actionable in GIS software like Petrel* and ArcGIS™. Geofacets also contains downloadable tables, rich in geoscience data, that reduce formatting time up to 50%.

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Exploration Team Leaders:

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Project managers and team leaders rely on Geofacets for rapid access to geoscience maps and tables that provide critical support for business recommendations. Geofacets enables teams to focus less on searching and formatting, and more on analysis and interpretation.

Analyze Geologic Basins Efficiently

Characterizing a geologic basin’s potential for a viable natural resource is complex. It requires the right information at the right time to impact decisions. Use Geofacets to quickly locate geoscience maps and tables, including specialized and multi-disciplinary insights, that can better influence analyses.

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Geofacets saves a huge amount of time of pouring through material because you know what you are looking for. Using these functionalities together is far more powerful than either one — kind of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Exploration Geoscientist, OMV

Geofacets Makes Geologic Maps and Tables Actionable

Geoscientists must make interpretations of the subsurface, but one geoscientist’s interpretation can be vastly different than another’s. Help mitigate risk by comparing proprietary 2D and 3D models to published research using Geofacets.

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Why Invest in Geofacets?

Oil & Gas companies face mounting pressure to deliver bottom line results — and success is often influenced by preparation in upfront exploration research. Geofacets delivers actionable content so your team is prepared to answer questions they may not have even considered. With Geofacets, make more informed decisions faster.

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