User Stories

Discover how geoscientists have used Geofacets to accelerate their workflows.

Regulatory compliance

An O&G firm used Geofacets to find critical environmental information, ensuring that a promising drill site complied with regulations and saving the cost of a $500,000 study.

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Accelerating global tectonic map production

Learn how a large integrated oil company using Geofacets completed a one-year project in under six months.

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Increasing the odds of exploration success

Learn how Exploration Geologist Jonathan Church uses Geofacets to discover maps and play analogs while conducting scientific analyses to decrease exploration risk.

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In the zone for data rooms

Learn about how Exploration Geologist Jonathan Church uses Geofacets to more effectively prepare for and participate in data rooms.

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Developing a fuller picture

Learn how Exploration Geologist Mohammed Fallah uses Geofacets to help him quickly and easily locate geological maps and analogs—ultimately helping to build a fuller picture of the characteristics and exploration potential of a region.

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Assessing potential in new ventures

Faced with economic and deadline pressures, Oil & Gas companies need to remain nimble. Learn how this company used Geofacets to help determine where to go next in new ventures.

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Unlock the unknown

You don't know what you don't know is an intrinsic, yet powerful statement in Oil & Gas exploration. See how this company used Geofacets to help unlock the unknown.

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Uncovering diverse insights

For geographic areas which a company has little proprietary data, Geofacets helps them uncover diverse insights that accelerate exploration.

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Q&A with a geologic researcher

Accelerated discovery of insights through Geofacets helped this researcher conduct more detailed analyses

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Find inspiration

See how this university uses Geofacets to support and accelerate research.

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