A Critical Tool for Geoscientists

Geofacets is a geoscience solution that helps geoscientists accelerate exploration and research activities. It delivers hundreds of thousands of geoscience maps and tables sourced from trusted publications which are easily discoverable on a map-based interface and ready to be integrated into essential workflow tools.

Essential Knowledge

Geofacets offers hundreds of thousands of maps and tables extracted from esteemed geoscience publications, covering a wide spectrum of geoscience disciplines from general geology to specialized subject areas like organic geochemistry and volcanology. Maps are insight-rich and are aggregated and curated with exploration geoscientists in mind.

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Learn More About How to Find, View, and Download Tables in Geofacets (PDF, 3.5mb)

Essential Knowledge - How Geofacets Works | Elsevier

Easy Discovery of Maps and Tables

Through innovative and spatially-smart search capabilities, Geofacets helps geoscientists uncover relevant geoscience maps and tables quickly and efficiently — allowing them to avoid painful, manual searching and to focus their time on analysis and interpretation.

geologic maps – Easy discovery of maps and other spatial data

geologic maps – Seamless Workflow Integrations

Seamless Workflow Integrations

With Geofacets, geoscience maps are not only easily discoverable—but actionable. Geoscientists can integrate georeferenced maps into essential workflow tools, like Petrel* and ArcGIS™, to help compare proprietary models to published information, characterize a geologic basin and more. Tables are also downloadable and can be integrated into spreadsheet software or can be further integrated into GIS software (e.g., if coordinates are available in the table or in the associated maps).

Learn More About the Geofacets Connector for Petrel and Studio (PDF, 318kb)

Display and discover Geofacets map centerpoints in ArcGIS. Learn more about Web Map Service and Web Feature Service (PDF, 1.83mb)

Global and Regional Content

geologic maps – Americas

Discover over 190,000 geologic maps from strategic exploration areas like the Gulf of Mexico, Argentina and on-shore United States.

geologic maps – EMEA

Discover over 215,000 geologic maps from strategic exploration areas such as off-shore West Africa, the North Sea and Mozambique.

geologic maps – APAC

Discover over 130,000 geologic maps from strategic exploration areas like the South China Sea and off-shore Australia

Millennium Editions

Millennium Editions are special editions of Geofacets offered to members of our society partners. For more information, please download the relevant fact sheet.

American Geophysical Union Millennium Edition

(PDF, 548kb)

Geological Society of America Millennium Edition

(PDF, 534kb)

Geological Society of London Millennium Edition

(PDF, 555kb)

Society for Sedimentary Geology Millennium Edition

(PDF, 854kb)

Society of Economic Geologists Millennium Edition

(PDF, 679kb)

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