Cut Research Time in Half

Through innovative and spatially-smart search targeting, Geofacets helps geoscientists and researchers uncover relevant information and data quickly—up to 50% faster than traditional methods. Location-based search capabilities and advanced filter options efficiently drill down broad searches into relevant, targeted results.

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Geofacets Essencial Knowledge

Essential knowledge

Geofacets offers over 1.75 million maps, figures and tables sourced from esteemed scientific publications, covering a wide spectrum of geoscience disciplines from general geology to specialized subject areas like organic geochemistry and sequence stratigraphy. Content types include maps, stratigraphic columns, seismic sections, cross-sections, well data and more. Content is insight-rich, aggregated and curated with geoscientists in mind.

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Easy discovery

Geofacets combines a vast, vetted library of geoscience information and data with advanced search targeting and integration capabilities, which enabes geoscientists to quickly pull information and data into ArcGIS, Petrel* and other software.

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With Geofacets, information & data is not only discoverable, but also actionable

Seamless integrations

With Geofacets, information & data is not only discoverable, but also actionable. Integrate content into ArcGIS, Petrel, and Excel for further analysis, or use the Geofacets Connector for Petrel and Studio or Geofacets for ArcGIS to truly accelerate your workflows.

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Millennium Editions

Millennium Editions are special editions of Geofacets offered to members of our society partners. For more information, please download the relevant fact sheet.

American Geophysical Union Millennium Edition (PDF, 548.2 KB)

Geological Society of America Millennium Edition (PDF, 521.4 KB)

Geological Society of London Millennium Edition (PDF, 541.5 KB)

Society for Sedimentary Geology Millennium Edition (PDF, 834.2 KB)

Society of Economic Geologists Millennium Edition (PDF, 663.1 KB)

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