Geofacets: Unlock the Unknown

Filling in knowledge gaps quickly with Geofacets helps enable better decisions before drilling and development

Geofacets: Unlock the Unknown - customer story | Elsevier Solutions

In oil and gas exploration, teams may never have all the information they need. But since they need to fill in as many gaps as possible, many are now successfully turning to Geofacets. There they can find answers they need quickly and efficiently so they can better identify target areas and precisely determine the boundaries before costly drilling and development.

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Evaluating whether an economically viable resource exists is a challenge in oil and gas exploration. Teams may have only a fraction of the information they need for a complete analysis and it's not enough for companies to make their most strategic decisions. Therefore, significant knowledge gaps must be filled in before a firm can commit to expensive drilling and development.


Today, geoscientists have found a new way to unlock some of the answers. With Geofacets, they can search easily–discoverable geologic maps, figures, tables, associated data and scientific articles from leading publishers instead of having to rely on standard search engines and open source publishers. In fact, using Geofacets is so much more effective, it's estimated to save up to 25% of project time — which is time better invested in additional projects.

Exploration Geologist - Geofacets customer story | Elsevier Solutions

"With other search engines, you could very easily miss keywords that you hadn't though about using. A lot of the useful content that I found in Geofacets, I would not have thought about looking for." Exploration Geologist


Exploration teams may never have all the information they would like, but Geofacets quickly provides answers to many unknown parts. This saves time, improves reliability, increases productivity and helps build collaboration with GIS, business development and license teams. Ultimately, by filling in knowledge gaps with Geofacets, companies can make much more strategic investment decisions overall.

We now further understand the range of possible scenarios for the asset - Geofacets customer story | Elsevier Solutions

"We now further understand the range of possible scenarios for the asset and have more precisely determined our boundaries." Exploration Geologist

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