A geoscience solution that empowers natural resource exploration geoscientists

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A geoscience solution that empowers natural resource exploration geoscientists and researchers

Geoscientists and researchers alike are routinely tasked with solving the puzzle-like nature of surface and subsurface geoscience analyses without all the pieces. With access to accurate, easily discoverable and reliable information, geoscientists and researchers can fill in knowledge gaps while making better decisions.

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Over 160,000 tables added to Geofacets

In addition to over 600,000 maps, Geofacets now has 160,000+ tables sourced from esteemed geoscience publishers. Tables, rich in geoscience data, can be used to provide scientific backup for assessments, evaluate the conditions of an area, and save time formatting data.

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Explore with Geofacets

Geofacets empowers geoscientists and researchers to make stronger analyses with hundreds of thousands of maps and tables that are easily discovered via a spatially-designed platform. With Geofacets, insights about the surface and subsurface are readily available through downloadable tables and georeferenced maps curated from esteemed geoscience publications and researchers.

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Maximize Time

Maximize Time | Elsevier

Geofacets helps me to maximize the short amount of time that I have in preparing for participating in data rooms, so I walk into it with a good understanding of the area and what questions I need to try and answer. Exploration Geologist, Large E&P

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Publish Faster

Creating efficiency in research | Elsevier

We expect many publications to come of this research and a global map to be produced. I would not have been able to accomplish as much detailed work as I did without having access to Geofacets. Researcher, Large University

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Discover why Geofacets is an essential resource for geoscientists.

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