Who uses Engineering Village

Engineering Village, our comprehensive engineering platform, contains journals, conference proceedings, dissertations, technical standards, trade magazines, technical reports, and engineering information ideal for supporting the varying engineering research initiatives that academic institutions, corporations and government agencies face every day. *Information varies between databases.

Subscribers will find twelve valuable engineering databases that house the latest engineering information they need to improve and advance their research, influence stakeholders, and remain fully abreast of the relevant scientific and technical breakthroughs that matter most to their critical initiatives.

Save time while increasing efforts using an all-encompassing engineering literature and patents database that is deeply indexed to narrow search parameters for fine-tuned results

Academic Institutions

  • Provide students, researchers and faculty with a comprehensive engineering research database that contains the most complete engineering research content, updated regularly and indexed with controlled vocabulary.
  • Identify peers and potential collaborators, understand new subject areas, and support multidisciplinary research to stay connected with peers in academia and industry
  • Identify university, corporate, and government engineering research trends and projects

Read how Queensland University of Technology (QUT) uses Engineering Village to boost Employment options for STEM graduates.

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Research & Development

  • Find critical, reliable information that will advance projects, accelerate product research, and support innovation to better inform your organization’s decision process
  • Quickly search and retrieve authoritative engineering research content to optimize company investments
  • Stay up-to-date on what competitors and researchers around the world are doing to avoid duplication of effort
  • Network and/or collaborate with colleagues to find potential R&D partners and discover emerging industry thought-leaders

Government & Funding Agencies

  • Increase agency visibility of, and access to, other resources
  • Compile the latest data and research on varying topics, including the environment, health & safety, defense, the military, and the economy, all in a single source