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Engineering Village has the search, analytics, and navigation tools that engineers need to efficiently generate research, assess the impact and relevancy of critical information, and discover new insights for addressing the world’s toughest engineering challenges. All content and features are designed for engineers, so results and outcomes are always engineering-relevant.

What our users say

Our users agree that Engineering Village helps them:

  • Perform engineering literature reviews and research
  • Gain background information related to a project
  • Stay informed about advances in their field
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When completing a literature review for my thesis, I relied heavily on Engineering Village to ensure my research is cutting edge.

Graduate Student @ Academic Institution


How Engineering Village makes engineering research more successful

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Search for steel in Compendex within Engineering Village recommends a selection of search terms related to the Metallurgy and practical applications of the alloy that is the backbone of industry. ­ ­ ­ ­

Quickly discover engineering literature

  • Search several engineering databases with multiple search options to comprehensively uncover engineering insights, with journals, standards, conference proceedings, and more;
  • Thesaurus search and controlled vocabulary creates a standardized and reliable discovery mechanism for locating relevant information;
  • Powerful indexing makes finding results easy with no need to understand complex taxonomies to discover pertinent information;
  • Customization options make finding engineering research faster.

Analyze and scope the engineering research landscape

  • Facets enable users to narrow and refine research results, while also analyzing trends;
  • Trend charts graphically summarize information for fast processing of complex data which can then be used in reports, presentations, etc.;
  • PlumX metrics helps users evaluate the impact and relevancy of articles, assisting in overall research decision-making.
Improve efficiency of searching Illustration with orange icons and grey vectors | Elsevier Controlled terms
Narrow search scope to find relevant documents  ­
Browse Indexes
Discover related documents that may otherwise have been undiscovered  ­
Related Documents
Quickly identify and analyze trends ­
Pinpoint your search with precision
Explore interconnected topics Thesaurus search

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Stay informed and collaborate

  • Alert features automatically push the latest updates to end users to help them stay current with most recent engineering trends;
  • Sharing options enable users to collaborate and create customized repositories of relevant information.

Capabilities exclusively made for engineers

  • Numerical data indexing and the numeric search filter enable consistency and precision in numeric-based searches;
  • Engineering School Profile helps engineering departments make data-driven decisions about grant funding, research focus, and overall strategy.

With numerical data indexing and numeric search, engineers can find documents based on queries like:

computer chip icon­  Size of components within microchip
temperature icon­  Thermo-properties of a material
repeat icon­  Bit rate of a data transfer


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