GEOBASE is a database of indexed research literature unequalled in its coverage of the international geoscience literature: Earth sciences, ecology, geology, human and physical geography, environmental sciences, oceanography, geomechanics, alternative energy sources, pollution, waste management and nature conservation. The content crosses subject, language and cultural boundaries, providing a unique research tool to users. GEOBASE covers 3+ million abstract records of multidisciplinary content enabling comprehensive geological evaluation of any desired region. This includes geological structure and relation to natural resources as well as linking resource management, transport, and regional and urban planning.


Content size (and counting*)

  • 3+ million records
  • 2+ million journal articles
  • 70,000 conference papers
  • 3,000 monograph chapters
  • 200,000 records added annually

geobase fact sheet

GEOBASE fact sheet

Content sources (and counting*)

  • 879 publishers from 68 countries
  • 2,113 journals
  • 48 trade publications
  • 14 conference proceedings
  • 67 book series & 277 books

* count as of January 2016

Content sources

There are 7 print abstract & indexing journals that are subsets of the GEOBASE database

geobase chart

* count as of January 2016

GEOBASE subject coverage


Why GEOBASE on Engineering Village

GEOBASE is indexed specifically for geoscientists using GEOTREE (REGTREE / ORGTREE), making search results consistently accurate and relevant. By using GEOBASE on Engineering Village, geoscientists get full access to powerful search features and tools that help them save time, locate critical information and stay current. Engineering Village's unique mapping tool uses Google Maps technology to put results in a geographic context:

  • Visualize a topic's associations with different areas of the world or geological features
  • Facilitate discovery of features or locations not initially associated with a topic
  • Encourage a third dimension of insight and easy narrowing of results
  • Access to citation counts, citation details and author profiles from Scopus

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