The GeoRef database, produced by the American Geosciences Institute, is focused on comprehensive coverage of geoscience literature published worldwide. The content is indexed with geoscience terms from the GeoRef Thesaurus, and geolocation data (latitude/longitude) is also assigned, when applicable. GeoRef is the most in-depth A&I database available for geoscience literature and research. It helps researchers to address some of the most urgent environmental concerns, such as:

  • Continuing need for natural resources including critical minerals and fossil fuels
  • Critical shortages in clean water supplies
  • Preparedness for natural disasters – earthquakes, tsunamis
  • Developing changes in climate

GeoRef in process

GeoRef in process file contains records that are still in the process of being edited before being moved to the main GeoRef file. This includes references to current literature as well as references to older, non-English language publications. Once the editing and indexing of the records is complete, the reference will be moved to the main GeoRef database. GeoRef In Process is intended as a supplement to the main GeoRef database.

GeoRef facts

Georef Pie

georef fact sheet

GeoRef fact sheet

Content size (and counting*)

  • 4+ million records
  • 110,000 new records added annually
  • 32,000+ Thesaurus terms
  • Coverage North America – 1666 >
  • Coverage Rest of the world – 1933 >

Content sources (and counting*)

  • 90+ countries & 40+ languages
  • 2500+ Journals
  • Books, maps, conferences, reports & theses
  • U.S. Geological Survey publications

* count as of January 2016

Who uses GeoRef

Academic –undergraduate through post-graduate and dedicated researcher Government –geological surveys, natural resource agencies, environmental groups Industry – energy and mining companies, engineering firms, environmental groups, Not-for-profits – museums, research institutes, state and regional libraries

Why GeoRef on Engineering Village

GeoRef is indexed specifically for geoscientists using the GeoRef thesaurus, making search results consistently accurate and relevant. By using GeoRef on Engineering Village, geoscientists get full access to powerful search features and tools that help them save time, locate critical information and stay current. Other unique features available only on Engineering Village are:

  • Access to all Engineering Village's powerful search and productivity tools
  • Faceted search allowing both simple and sophisticated searches
  • Map display providing instant geographic context and options to focus results
  • Access to citation counts, citation details and author profiles from Scopus

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