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Engineering Village covers high-quality, relevant and cross-disciplinary content, enabling engineers and researchers to perform thorough and effective literature reviews, analyze the research landscape, and solve problems.

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Content that engineers need

Users depend on content, deeply-indexed by domain experts, from the many types of source materials covered in Engineering Village to engage in early-stage research, make cutting-edge discoveries, stay up-to-date, and expand knowledge.

Searching Compendex and Inspec on Engineering Village helps me keep up to date in my field of research. Compendex and Inspec are some of the most thorough engineering databases, hence access to them is vital for productive research.

—  Graduate Student @ Academic Institution


Engineering Village content is:

High quality

Sourced from the most reputable providers so engineers can solve problems reliably.


Our flagship database Compendex covers 190+ engineering-focused and related subject areas so search results are always engineering-relevant.

Powered by indexing

Deeply indexed content helps users retrieve precise results quickly.

Engineering Village databases:

Engineering Village has multiple databases that cover 190+ subject areas and multiple content types that reflect the depth and breadth of engineering:

Compendex and Ei Backfile

The broadest and most complete engineering literature database available in the world.

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Compendex source list ­(XLXS, March 2021, 3.6 MB)

Inspec and Inspec Archive

One of the largest and most respected databases for engineering, physics, computer science, and more.

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The latest information on earth sciences, ecology, geology, human and physical geography, and environmental sciences.

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Comprehensive geoscience literature coverage, including topics like climatology, hydrology, natural disasters, and more.

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EnCompassLIT and EnCompassPAT

Provides superior insights from scientific literature and patents targeted toward the downstream oil and gas industry.

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Ei Patents

Research new and innovative technologies, find out what already exists to check novelty, ensure the quality of a patent application, and gather competitive intelligence.

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NTIS: National Technical Information Service

Premier source of unclassified reports from the United States and international government agencies.

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One of the pulp and paper industry’s most important resources for news, information, and data.

PaperChem source list (XLXS, August 2020, 23.5 KB)

Chemical Business NewsBase

A leading provider of worldwide chemical business news that tracks trends and developments in the chemicals industry.


Includes chemical engineering literature from leading journals, covering topics like organic chemistry and analytical chemistry.

Chimica source list (XLXS, August 2020, 59.9 KB)


Elsevier’s engineering solution for mid-to-late stage R&D, with content that improves outcomes in development, scale-up, and manufacturing.

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To be considered for inclusion in Compendex or GEOBASE, materials must pass stringent criteria.

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