Information found in the biomedical literature strengthens every stage of the medical device life cycle, from concept and design through clinical trials to release and reimbursement. Regulatory authorities require medical device companies to screen the biomedical literature during the approval process and for post-market surveillance. Embase includes unique medical device information and indexing, making it an indispensable resource.

Embase supports medical device development and post-market surveillance

  • Comprehensive and up-to-date information, with over 30 million records from more than 8,500 journals and 5,500 conferences
  • The Embase thesaurus, Emtree, includes over 3,000 medical device terms
  • A dedicated medical device search form and device subheadings that show relationships to related terms (e.g., adverse device events, device comparison, device economics)
  • Indexing of device trade names and, manufacturer names

The Test to Target a Drug

A companion diagnostic can make or break the market entry of a precision medicine. See how Embase supports medical device development and post-market surveillance.

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White Paper

Learn how biomedical literature supports manufacturers throughout medical device development and post-market surveillance.

Systematic Literature Reviews for Medical Device Development (PDF, 453kb)

Fact Sheet

Embase supports medical device development and post-market surveillance.

Embase Fact Sheet (PDF, 864kb)

Customer Testimonials

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Embase is an essential resource for post-market monitoring of medical devices—I can't imagine doing that kind of safety monitoring without it.

Dawn McMillen, library resources supervisor at Stryker Orthopedics

Dr. Su Golder, research fellow at University of York

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