Elsevier Funding Solutions for Institutions

We help institutions navigate the complex, high-stakes funding environment in a way that saves resources and increases grant success rates, supporting institutional staff across the funding workflow.

Insight, discovery, decision-making

Insight, discovery, decision-making

Award management

Award management

Insight, discovery, decision-making

Navigate the complex, high-stakes funding environment in a way that saves resources and maximizes success. Funding Institutional is a single-source workflow tool containing data on funders, funding opportunities and awarded grants, drawn from a wide range of governmental and private sources. Developed for institutional staff who analyse the funding landscape and manage the search and selection process, it supports you in three key areas:

  • Providing insight into key funding trends
  • Uncovering funding opportunities
  • Aiding resource allocation decision-making

Award management

Create an evidence-based approach to your institution's research and collaboration strategies, assessment exercises and day-to-day business decisions. With Pure Award Management you can track and monitor the entire research grant life cycle, from current funding opportunities, applications and their success rates, to awards and related projects.


Identify applicants & collaborators

Identify most eligible researchers and collaborators using Expert Lookup:

  1. Locating researchers at your institute who meet funding priorities and grant applications, using abstract text mining
  2. Checking for potential conflicts of interest around co-authorship and funding streams
  3. Expanding your understanding of who is active in specific research areas

Expert Lookup is able to recommend experts who are thought-leaders in their field and highly relevant for your search by using: the powerful algorithms of the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine, Scopus' citation database containing more 57 million records, and 10 discipline-specific thesauri.

Intelligence & benchmarking

Gain quick and easy access to the research performance of 8,500 research institutions and 220 nations worldwide using SciVal. It is a ready-to-use solution with unparalleled power and flexibility, which enables you to visualize research performance, benchmark research activities at your institution relative to peers, develop collaborative partnerships and analyse research trends.


Analytical services

Obtain an accurate, unbiased analysis on research performance by combining high quality data sources with technical and research metrics expertise, accrued over Elsevier's 130 years in academic publishing.

Our Analytical services team is experienced in serving policy makers, funders, and academic and corporate research institutions around the world. Our offerings range from simple, targeted reports to comprehensive multidimensional studies, as well as data delivery and web integration services to meet your research management needs.