Elsevier Funding Solutions for Funders

We help funders develop strategies for improving inefficient funding mechanisms, supporting key use cases across the funding workflow.

Funding solutions for funders

Find reviewers

Identifying scientific experts is easy using Expert Lookup. It helps funders with:

  1. Locating researchers who meet funding priorities and grant applications based on abstract text mining
  2. Checking for potential conflicts of interest around co-authorship and funding streams
  3. Expanding your understanding of who is active in specific research areas

Expert Lookup is able to recommend experts who are thought-leaders in their field and highly relevant for your search by using: the powerful algorithms of the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine, Scopus' citation database containing more 57 million records, and 10 discipline-specific thesauri.

Portfolio analysis

Create a deep insights in your portfolio using fingerprinting technology. A back-end software system, the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine mines the text of scientific documents – publication abstracts, funding announcements and awards, project summaries, patents, proposals/applications, and other sources – to create an index of weighted terms which defines the text, known as a Fingerprint™ visualization.

By aggregating and comparing Fingerprints, the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine enables you to look beyond metadata and expose valuable connections between people, publications, funding opportunities and ideas.

The Elsevier Fingerprint Engine powers many solutions including Pure - a comprehensive information management system, and Expert Lookup - Elsevier’s tool for finding reviewers.

Elsevier Fingerprint Engine


Create added value to data through careful analysis, creating customized reports which present your institution with data-driven findings by using SciVal Analytics. The resulting insights answer pressing questions you may have relevant to research management and aid decision-making around funding allocations, research policies and strategies.

SciVal's analytical reports cover focus areas such as:

  • National research excellence initiatives
  • National, international, and cross-sector collaboration analysis
  • Return on Investment (ROI) of funded projects
  • Research landscape studies of specific research themes