Elsevier Funding Solutions

We improve and optimize the funding mechanisms for funders, researchers and institutions

Elsevier Funding Solutions

Our Funding Solutions offer value to researchers, institutions and funders by improving  the efficiency of the funding process,  and increasing grant success rates.

We help researchers to:

  • Find new funding opportunities and funders
  • Select funding opportunities and funders with the highest chances of success
  • Develop skills to write successful grant proposals

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We help institutions with:

  • funding insights, discovery and decisions
  • identifying and selecting the most eligible researchers and collaborators
  • deepening insights in research performance and benchmarking
  • tracking and monitoring the entire research grant life cycle
  • customized insights and analytical reports

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We help funders with:

  • Identify reviewers for funding applications
  • Take strategic decisions using evidence-based analytics
  • Provide in-depth insights into funding portfolios and developments

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