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Your institution will shine with our cloud-hosted institutional repository platform that includes professional-grade institution-led publishing and integrated faculty profiles

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manage-and-showcase-picto-illustrationIncrease visibility & impact of your institution’s research & scholarship

Digital Commons helps institutions like yours shine a bright light on the full spectrum of the research and scholarship produced by your faculty, students and staff. We take institutional repository (IR) software to new levels by including professional-grade open access publishing capabilities and integrated faculty profiles so you can better promote the people, programs and experience that make your institution unique.

Serving academia (including law, business and professional schools), hospital and healthcare networks and non-profits around the world, explore how Digital Commons can help raise your institution’s visibility and impact.

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diversity-picto-illustrationServe diverse needs of institutional stakeholders, simply & securely

Technological advances have driven significant progress in the IR space, bringing new opportunities for institutions like yours to expand the reach of your research, scholarship and expertise. With Digital Commons, you get the latest secure, cloud-hosted technology with industry-leading search engine optimization to give your institution the edge it needs to maximize global visibility.

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Increase recognition with Digital Commons

Is your institution large or small? Research-intensive, teaching-focused or both? Public or private? No matter your institution’s size, focus or type, explore why Digital Commons is uniquely positioned to increase the visibility and impact of your research and scholarship.

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Get peace of mind with Digital Commons

We make publishing, tracking and showing the impact of your institution's unique mix of research, scholarship and expertise more manageable with our secure, cloud-hosted platform. Branded for your institution and optimized for search, Digital Commons is flexible and scalable so you can spend more time on growing and curating your IR rather than on maintaining it.

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With Digital Commons, you can open your institution’s research and scholarship to the world and prove its value with best-in-class dashboard reporting and built-in professional-grade publishing tools.

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