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Showcase your students’ research & scholarship

Did you know that including student works in an institutional repository (IR) can be a powerful tool for highlighting and promoting the educational experience at your institution?

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Attract your best-fit students

Highlight your institution’s culture

Give prospective students a sense of what academic life is like at your institution by creating collections of outstanding student work as well as highlighting unique institutional artifacts in your repository.

View an example:

Digital Commons @ IWU ­(Illinois Wesleyan University, USA)

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Focus on the student academic experience

Showcase capstone projects, theses and dissertations, student-led publications, dance recitals, music performances and more. These collections show the depth and breadth of the programs and educational experience your institution offers.

View an example:
Student Works Collections on Digital Commons @ USU (Utah State University, USA)

Engage with your Admissions, Marketing & Graduate Program teams

Work with colleagues in these offices to curate content in the IR that would help them in their outbound recruitment efforts. Embed a virtual campus tour and student interview videos as part of a student-focused collection.

View an example:

Augustana Digital Commons team at Augustana University in Rock Island, Illinois (USA) embeds a video of students talking about their publications.

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…the university president ‘got excited’ when he understood that he could point prospects and their parents to ... examples of what their students can accomplish at Cal Poly.

—Michael Miller, Dean of Library Services, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (USA)

Serve undergraduate students

Feature outstanding undergraduate student work

  • Showcase honors theses, capstone projects, student-edited publications, student-led conferences & research events
  • Share recitals, performances & exhibitions, speeches, debates & more through embedded multimedia
  • Give students a lasting home for their work so they can demonstrate their accomplishments to prospective employers or graduate programs

When students attend job interviews, the things they talk about are the permanent links [in the repository]. They show these to their potential employers and say, ‘Listen, I’ve been working at this a long time…’ this is who I am.

—Jeremy Evert, Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering Technology, Southwestern Oklahoma State University (USA)

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Serve graduate students

Improve workflows & discoverability of electronic theses & dissertations

  • Graduate students & advisors can submit, track revisions & approve through a central system that allows joint management of university-wide graduate programs
  • Access control, licensing options & custom embargos keep you in control
  • Support open science by including datasets, multimedia & any associated content alongside ETDs
  • Connect your graduate students to a global audience through industry-leading SEO

Our ETD deposit process has been streamlined for both graduate students and faculty… All around, involved parties appreciate the ease with which ETD submission, access, and maintenance can now be accomplished with the aid of Digital Commons.

—Todd Bruns, Institutional Repository/ Scholarly Communication Librarian, Eastern Illinois University (USA)

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Digital Commons: The IR that helps you support student success

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By joining the Digital Commons community, you can include your undergraduate students’ outstanding research and scholarship on our open network.

Curated by librarians and their institutions, the Undergraduate Research Commons includes award-winning capstone projects, faculty-mentored research, multimedia collections, student journals, presentations and peer-reviewed scholarship from hundreds of undergraduate programs at institutions around the world.