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Your school generates unique content that sets it apart from the pack, but how do you go about showcasing your research and expertise? Digital Commons and Expert Gallery Suite provide best-in-class hosted solutions to openly publish, manage and promote your institution’s research, scholarship and expertise.

With Digital Commons, you can:

  • Develop & enhance name recognition & your unique institutional brand
  • Showcase faculty profiles & galleries to highlight expertise
  • Promote faculty research, open educational resources & books
  • Highlight innovative curricula that enhances institutional positioning
  • Facilitate institution-led journal & law review publishing
  • Showcase students & successful alumni

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“Our Digital Commons site has become absolutely essential to the core mission of our library” Todd G.E. Melnick, Clinical Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Law Library, Fordham University School of Law

More than 80 professional schools — and growing — use Digital Commons to preserve and promote their intellectual output and expertise.

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