Openly share your research & scholarship with a secure, flexible & scalable solution


Digital Commons is the only platform that combines a best-in-class institutional repository (IR) with professional-grade open access publishing and seamlessly integrated faculty profiles.

Reduce your total cost of ownership without tapping any information technology (IT) resources with our scalable, cloud-hosted turnkey solution. With an emphasis on security and performance, we handle all platform upgrades and system maintenance, freeing you to focus on adding content to your IR rather than maintaining it.

We support you with:

  • dedicated consultation, strategic guidance and ongoing support, including free training for site administrators to help you scale up quickly
  • unlimited, secure S3 cloud storage and preservation
  • support for all file sizes and types, including 3D images, datasets and multimedia
  • reliable performance with 99% uptime
  • custom site and journals branding, plus annual redesigns
  • accurate, visually compelling and exportable analytics for demonstrating global influence
  • unlimited publications and collections, including journals and books, plus free training for editors
  • top-rated search engine optimization (SEO) to maximize online discovery of your IR content

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Easy to implement, use, maintain & evaluate

Whether your IR is supported by one person or a well-staffed team, our dedicated Consulting Services team and turnkey platform will help you quickly get up and running.

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Accurate, on-demand impact metrics

No other platform offers robust analytical tools like the Digital Commons Dashboard. With our dashboard, you can track, measure and report on the impact your institution’s work is having locally and around the world.

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Reliable metrics you can stand behind

Our sophisticated algorithm eliminates inflated readership and download counts to give you confidence in your reports.

We’ve been tracking readership for nearly 15 years, and we know how dubious many download counts can be. Bots, crawlers and spiders can inflate readership numbers, which degrade the entire system of tracking. We regularly update our algorithm to keep up with evolving bots and other obstacles to ensure your data is clean with every dashboard you view and report you generate.


Committed to accessibility

Making content in your IR open and accessible by users of all abilities is critical to broadening the reach of scholarship and research. To support this goal of institutions around the world, Digital Commons is committed to meeting or exceeding full Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA compliance.

Want stakeholders to fall in love with the library?

Whether you want to build, expand, or promote and advance your IR’s readership and impact, Digital Commons can help meet your needs — and with an exceptional level of dedicated support that no one else offers.

Talk with us today about the IR projects you’re working on. Together, we’ll explore how Digital Commons can demonstrably increase the impact of your institution’s research and scholarship.

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