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Evidence-based oncology decision support and analytics for cancer care

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Enable predictability and profitability in your oncology practice with ClinicalPath

For your oncology practice to be clinically and financially successful in value-based care, you must be able to predict, measure and manage treatment decisions and costs. Elsevier’s ClinicalPath (formerly Via Oncology) presents evidence-based oncology pathways embedded in the clinical workflow, and the associated analytics, to help your team make consistent, well-informed decisions for high quality care.

Your ClinicalPath solution

Evidence-based pathways

Evidence-based pathways – Deep and broad clinical content, iteratively developed through a consistent, inclusive and transparent process, reflecting the latest evidence and shared best practices of the physicians who use it

Advanced Technology

Advanced technology – EHR integrated clinical decision support delivered at the point of care, and designed to enhance the clinical workflow

Data Insights

Data insights – Meaningful reporting and interactive analytics dashboards to accurately demonstrate your patterns of care

Scale up your oncology practice for success with support from ClinicalPath

Your ClinicalPath advantage

When you choose ClinicalPath, your organization receives benefits unique to your partnership with Elsevier:

  • ClinicalPath exceeds an 80% on-pathway decision rate across medical and radiation oncology pathways
  • Proven results and 10+ years of experience working with leading oncology practices
  • A growing collaborative network of oncology physicians at the forefront of caring for cancer patients
  • Coverage of over 95% of the most common cancer cases in medical and radiation oncology
  • Built-in support to promote clinical trial accrual to advance your research endeavors
  • Expertise in advanced integration with all major EHRs
  • Simplified decisions for using precision medicine with evidence-supported diagnostic testing guidance
  • Insight into variations in care patterns and clinical trial accrual performance
  • Tools to coordinate care across treatment modalities and support teams
  • The most comprehensive radiation oncology pathways to support peak performance in value-based models

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Explore proven results that cancer centers have achieved with ClinicalPath in “The Impact of Evidence-Based Oncology Pathways.”

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