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Improve clinical practice through informed, confident decisions

To keep up with today’s healthcare demands, your clinicians must adapt quickly and stay on the cutting-edge to drive the best possible results and account for:

  • The ever-increasing complexity of diseases, medicine and practice
  • Growing patient volumes
  • Difficulty keeping up with medical and patient trends

ClinicalKey is a clinical knowledge solution designed to help healthcare professionals and students find the right answers at the right time, every time, through a wide breadth and depth of trusted content.

With ClinicalKey, your physicians will be able to:

  • Improve patient care with trusted resources and deep insights across 30+ specialties
  • Combine efficiency and confidence in their practice with access to quick answers and content that is continuously updated
  • Strengthen expertise in their field by building foundational knowledge and keeping up with the latest trends through full-text reference books and journals

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Improve clinical practice through informed, confident decisions.


What ClinicalKey users are saying

“[ClinicalKey has helped when] familiarizing myself with specifics about a particular diagnosis or medication.”
—Doctor (MD), Fortune 500 Health Care Company

“Easy to navigate and find answers for best patient outcomes.”
—Professor, Large Enterprise Health Care Company

“ClinicalKey helps to provide me with timely answers to the information needs of my physicians and overall hospital staff. Patrons also love the quick and easy access to medical information at the point of care, as well as in the library setting.”
—Linda Moore, Librarian, Marina Del Rey Hospital

ClinicalKey supports clinical decisions, reference and learning.

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