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Empowering your nurses to thrive in times of crisis

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Ensure your nurses are prepared in these unprecedented times.

Support your nurses with online nursing courses from Elsevier:

  • AACN: Essentials of Critical Care Orientation (ECCO)
  • ENA: Emergency Nursing Orientation 3.0
  • Mosby’s ECG Interpretation

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Empowering your nurses to thrive in times of crisis

As organizations add additional emergency and ICU beds to deal with the influx of critical conditions, nurses are redeploying to unfamiliar departments to care for these patients. While this may address the staffing problem, a lack of critical care and emergency training can jeopardize patient safety and outcomes.

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With Elsevier’s Clinical eLearning, you can empower your nurses’ mission to care with access to evidence-based education anytime, anywhere, while allowing administrators to track staff results to monitor progress and promote standardized care.

Help better prepare your nurses for this global pandemic with the following online nursing courses:

AACN: Essentials of Critical Care Orientation (ECCO)

Successfully onboard your progressive and critical care nurses with AACN’s award-winning ECCO course, an orientation program that provides your nurses with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to achieve optimal outcomes for patients. The ICU track (78.6 CE) and the PCU track (74.6 CE) reflect the latest standards of practice.

ENA: Emergency Nursing Orientation 3.0

Authored by the Emergency Nurses Association, this exclusive Clinical eLearning course offers a comprehensive, evidence-based solution for emergency nursing orientation, supporting new and experienced nurses in providing competent care. This blended-learning program consists of 45 interactive online lessons, and includes a case study based, problem-oriented approach to learning.

Mosby’s ECG Interpretation

Mosby’s ECG Interpretation educates nurses and monitor technicians in ECG basics, ECG interpretation and 12-lead ECG interpretation. This course includes an interactive interface using electronic ECG calipers, ECG ruler and more rhythm-tracing images to help learners apply their knowledge.

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