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Elsevier Clinical eLearning emergency nursing courses are professionally-designed, interactive, and self-paced. Courses are developed by masters-prepared nurses to enhance clinical competency and empower confident, consistent and expert patient care in emergency situations when immediate action is needed.

Elsevier’s rigorous editorial standards, including peer reviews, ensure that courses are based on current evidence and clinical practice.

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Emergency nursing courses available

APEX Innovations Impulse 2.0 – ECG and Chest Pain Competency Series
Course description
APEX Innovations: Hemisphere - Stroke Competency Sries
Course description
ENA: Emergency Nursing Orientation 3.0*^
Course description
ENA: Emergency Nursing Certification Review^
Course description
ENA: Emergency Nursing Triage 1.1*^
Course description
ENA: Handling Psychiatric Emergencies 1.1*^
Course description
ENA: Pediatric Emergency Nursing Certification Review^
Course description
Mosby’s ECG Interpretation 3.0*
Course description
Mosby’s Preceptor*
Course description

*Knowledge Inventory Tool (KIT) available for this course

ˆClinical eLearning course can be delivered seamlessly through the HealthStream Learning Center.


HealthStream customers who decide to purchase Elsevier Clinical Skills benefit from the collaboration between Elsevier and HealthStream by having access to the leading Elsevier Clinical Skills evidence-based skills, checklist content, and platform functionality combined with the HealthStream Learning Center assignment, tracking, and reporting capabilities.

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