Arezzo makes it possible for everyone to receive the healthcare that is right, first time, every time.

Organisations such as UK's National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), medical publishers and research charities establish, evaluate and publish best practice guidelines and pathways. When these are combined with individual patient details in Arezzo, treatment options are recommended specific to the patient at that stage in their care.

With Arezzo-enabled guidelines inside the point-of-care system, clinicians readily follow best practice. Clinicians are prompted in real time for any additional information relevant to progressing treatment for each individual patient. When decisions are required Arezzo offers arguments for and against each of the range of options within the guideline that are pertinent to the case in hand. Ultimately the clinician remains in control and can opt for whatever treatment they believe is in the best interests of the patient.

Arezzo can also record the decisions taken, enabling a virtuous circle of continuous evaluation and improvement. This also allows healthcare organisations to see, and reward, improvements in care and outcomes.

Clinicians appreciate Arezzo's unobtrusive support and we have evidence that Arezzo improves compliance, leading to better treatment decisions.

Arezzo clinical guideline levels

Arezzo is a software technology for authoring and executing Level 3 “active” clinical guidelines:

  • Clinician only sees relevant content
  • Tracks clinical progress over time
  • Content merged for multiple co-morbidities
  • Automatically recognises when a guideline is needed, acting as Guardian Agent
  • Variance can be detected and captured

In the first year the use of health and symptom checkers saved the NHS an annual total of £57 million

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