Patient specific pathway solutions

  • Primary Care Organisations
  • Acute Care Organisations

Arezzo's pathway solutions support primary care clinicians in their use of evidence-based guidelines. Arezzo support assures compliance with care pathways, and provides decision recommendations based on evaluating all options in the guideline in the light of knowledge of the patient case in hand.

Primary and acute care organisations using Arezzo can achieve operational cost savings through, fewer hospital admissions, and less clinical variance, better prescribing, fewer repeat visits, more accurate referrals across the continuum of care.

Arezzo takes published best practice guidelines and matches them with each patient to present the clinician with robust clinical recommendations to optimise the quality of care. The ultimate decision to follow the recommendations lies with the clinician; however, they can be assured they have the best information to support their judgment for that particular patient.

Irrespective of where you are located, public and private health organisations responsible for the commissioning and support of clinical care, benefit from the combined effect of cost reduction and improvement in the quality of care in their GP practices.

Arezzo-based clinical guidance customised to an organisation

  • Public Sector Health Organisations
  • Private Healthcare Organisations
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Accountable Care Organisations
  • Healthcare Solution Vendors

Arezzo is used globally in nationally based solutions and is being delivered through multiple channels including tablet, pc, and mobile based applications. Arezzo provides patient specific guidance directly to the public via the web and/or to clinical triage organisations for intelligent guidance to assist both clinical and non-clinical staff.

Public and private providers of healthcare to large regional and national populations strive to improve quality of care whilst reducing costs; Arezzo makes a difference by helping to safely take pressure off Emergency departments and GP offices. In June 2011 the Board of NHS Direct recorded that its Arezzo web service saved 1.3m visits to other health care professionals in the previous 12 months, including 700,000 visits to GPs, saving the NHS a total of £57m.

If your organisation is striving to improve care while eliminating unnecessary costs by reducing inefficiencies in the system, Arezzo can help. And if you prefer, we can do so without replacing any existing systems through our advanced integration capabilities. If your organisation is a vendor supplying the healthcare sector and wish to add proven intelligence that makes a difference into your solution Arezzo can help - and we can help you win business. We have been doing so for over a decade with the results to back it up.

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