Clinical pathways and referrals management

Arezzo takes clinically approved best practice guidelines and matches them with each patient to provide a recommended care pathway specifically for that patient. It can reference the latest clinical guidelines and presents robust clinical recommendations to optimise the quality of care.

Arezzo transforms clinical practice by:

  • supporting compliance with care pathways
  • personalising recommendations at the point of care
  • enabling better patient outcomes
  • minimising clinical variance and inequalities in treatment
  • promoting medicines optimisation
  • reducing unplanned care costs
  • reducing unnecessary admissions

Arezzo is configurable to meet the needs of each local clinical practice. Medication of choice, local resource provision and information relating to patients` circumstances can all be taken into consideration to create a tailored application. This leads generic end-to-end care pathways, designed to suit local needs and practices.

Arezzo can either be hosted by Elsevier or deployed locally as required.

Arezzo has been successfully integrated with EMIS, England's leading GP clinical system, and with several other electronic medical records globally.


In April 2014 Arezzo was awarded Lot 1 status on HSCIC's expanded English GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) Framework

Clinical triage and population health

Arezzo technology makes possible the global strategic vision of connected and personalised healthcare, laying the foundation for how healthcare will be delivered in the future by National Healthcare organisations.

By collating data from personal health records, drug regimens, clinical coding, the use of Arezzo-enabled medical guidelines, can help:

  • save costs and improve care within clinician-based call centres
  • support patients at home with management of chronic conditions or
  • provide early detection of diseases such as cancer.

Arezzo takes third-party medical guidelines, protocols and order-sets, combines them with relevant patient data and presents personalised active medical recommendations to a clinician.