Case studies

Best Practice Advocacy Centre

The Best Practice Advocacy Centre (BPAC) is an independent organisation, based in New Zealand, promoting healthcare interventions that:

  • meet the needs of patients
  • are evidence-based
  • are cost-effective and
  • are localised to the New Zealand healthcare context.

BPAC has partnered with InferMed to use Arezzo clinical decision support technology to enhance the care of the patients in New Zealand. Arezzo is now used by over 90% of the country's GPs.

With Arezzo, BPAC has produced a web-based system that is designed specifically to support general practice in the management of a patient's health through screening, risk assessment, management and referral; providing evidence-based recommendations personalised to each patient.

To date, Arezzo technology has been integrated with the patient records in over 1,000 GP practices and accessed over two and a half million times.

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NHS 24

InferMed is part of a consortium led by Capgemini UK responsible for supporting NHS 24's core frontline IT systems with replacing them with new systems aimed at improving efficiency and providing a platform for NHS 24 to expand the range of services it offers.

Arezzo is playing a core role in streamlining the process of triaging incoming calls to the NHS 24 call centres and helping to ensure an optimal service based on clinically proven and up-to-date guidelines personalised at the point of care. In addition, InferMed is providing the links between Arezzo and SAP modules, such as the OpenText Enterprise Content Management system and the SAP Customer Relationship Management system.

NHS Direct

In December 2009 InferMed was chosen as the Prime Contractor and Managed Service Provider leading a consortium made up of Rackspace, Sitecore, and Eduserv, to rebuild, enhance and host the NHS Direct web and digital health services.

The key focus was to enhance the NHS Direct online Health and Symptom Checkers (HaSCs) service, using Arezzo. NHS Direct staff immediately understood the potential for much more flexible advice, tailoring responses to individual cases, and Arezzo`s ability to rapidly evolve and/or redeploy HaSCs as a situation evolves.

Arezzo technology at the heart of the online self-assessment service helps patients to identify the course of action or treatment appropriate for their symptoms. A patient is asked a series of questions relating to his or her condition, and Arezzo generates a recommendation as to the action the patient should take next, along with the reasons for that recommendation.

In December 2010 the HaSCs were accessed 700,000 times.

At its peak the service was accessed by 20,000 users in one hour.

The Arezzo web service saved 1.3m visits to other health care professionals in 12 months.

The service saved the NHS £57m in one year.

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Medibank Health Solutions of Australia is integrating Arezzo into its care platforms, introducing the power of clinical decision support into the healthcare interactions between Medibank medical professionals and its customers.

Arezzo is part of an integrated solution with SAP technologies and is being introduced first into the Medibank Health Solutions Workplace Health business. This business delivers a comprehensive range of rapid, high-quality injury prevention and health management services, from recruitment to retirement.

The new Workplace Health program will be the first in a series of transformations of the Medibank Health Solutions suite of service offerings to public and private customers, with transformation of disease management services, and a health advice call centre solution to follow.

Medibank Health Solutions provides more than 3 million healthcare interactions each year. The goal is for these interactions to be able to be linked to a single patient record over the coming years, with Arezzo at the heart of the process, supporting clinicians in making decisions that optimise the care for each patient.