Arezzo is laying the foundation for how healthcare will be delivered in the future by National Healthcare organisations. By collating data from personal health records, drug regimens, clinical coding, the use of Arezzo-enabled medical guidelines, can help:

  • save costs and improve care within clinician-based call centres
  • support patients at home with management of chronic conditions or
  • provide early detection of diseases such as cancer.

Use of Arezzo with high quality clinical content results in:

  • better outcomes
  • fewer errors
  • less need for re-admittance, re-work
  • fewer inappropriate actions (cf. current unnecessary pressure on A&E)
  • shorter timescales (as Arezzo can trigger progress as soon as data becomes available)
  • improving performance/compliance (or the content) by evaluating decision actually taken
  • empowered users (patient self-help, doctors more confident to treat)
  • an audit trail, allowing analysis of compliance, and identification of variance.

These lead to reduced costs and ultimately, we expect, to fewer lawsuits and insurance claims.

Following assessment with the Arezzo-powered best practice module, hospitalisation of children with asthma fell by just over 50% (source: Best Practice Advocacy Centre, New Zealand).

hospital graph

Use of Arezzo-powered online Health and Symptom Checkers in England has led to an elimination of unnecessary visits to GPS, A&E and other hopitalisations, saving NHS
£57 million

Use of Arezzo-powered best practice module in New Zealand has led to a 50% reduction in hospitalisation of children with asthma