Active clinical decision support for patient specific pathways

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Arezzo is an active clinical decision support and pathway technology that empowers personalised care delivery at patient and population level.

The technology supports the authoring and execution of Level 3 "active" clinical guidelines.

Arezzo clinical guideline levels

Arezzo solutions

By integrating with clinical care systems, Arezzo matches evidence-based guidelines with patient and disease information and dynamically evaluates best-practice treatment options  specific to the patient at that stage in their care.

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Arezzo users

  • Primary Care Organisations
  • Acute Care Organisations
  • Public Sector Health Organisations
  • Private Healthcare Organisations
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Accountable Care Organisations
  • Healthcare Solution Vendors

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Arezzo is laying the foundation for how healthcare will be delivered in the future by National Healthcare organisations. By collating data from personal health records, drug regimens, clinical coding, the use of Arezzo-enabled medical guidelines, can help:

  • Save costs and improve care within clinician-based call centres
  • Support patients at home with management of chronic conditions or
  • Provide early detection of diseases such as cancer.

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