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Perforating Collagen Fiber Bundles
Skeletal System

Perforating Collagen Fiber Bundles

Fasciculi collageni perforanantes

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Quick Facts

Sharpey’s fibers are collagenous fibers that pass from the periosteum and are embedded in the outer circumferential and interstitial lamellae of bone (Dorland, 2011).

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Perforating fibers, or Sharpey’s fibers, are formed from parallel bundles of collagen fibers that are dispersed in consistent intervals from the periosteum. They penetrate the cortical bone at an angle and become continuous with the collagen fibers found in the extracellular matrix of the bone (Aaron, 2012).

Anatomical Relations

Perforating fibers extend from the fibrous periosteal layer through nearly the entire width of the cortical bone.


Perforating fibers provide mechanical stability by tethering the periosteal layer to the underlying cortical bone.


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