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Conus Elasticus
Respiratory System

Conus Elasticus

Conus elasticus

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The conus elasticus attaches inferiorly to the superior margin of the cricoid arch and lamina and extends to the internal surface of the thyroid cartilage. The superior margin of the conus elasticus is free and forms the vocal ligament, the base of the vocal fold.

As its name implies, it is elastic in nature and is funnel shaped and functions to maximize airflow from the trachea to the rima glottidis when speaking.

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Key Features & Anatomical Relations

The terminology surrounding the cricothyroid membrane and the conus elasticus varies considerably and other terms such as cricovocal membrane may also be used when describing the conus elasticus.

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Vocal Ligament

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The vocal ligaments are more likely to be tensed under conditions of arousal or anticipation, giving rise to laughter that has a rising melodic contour.

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