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Least Thoracic Splanchnic Nerve (Right)
Nervous System

Least Thoracic Splanchnic Nerve (Right)

Nervus splanchnicus thoracicus imus

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Quick Facts

Origin: Twelfth thoracic nerve (T12).

Course: Anteriorly and inferiorly from the thoracic sympathetic chain, piercing the diaphragm and running down through the abdomen to the renal plexus.

Branches: No branches.

Supply: Sympathetic innervation to the vessels and viscera of the kidneys and adrenal glands.

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The least splanchnic nerve emerges from the sympathetic trunk ganglia associated with the twelfth thoracic nerve level.


The least splanchnic nerve runs anteriorly towards the anterolateral surface of the vertebral bodies, and inferiorly towards the abdomen. It pierces the diaphragm and runs through the abdomen to the renal plexus.


There are no branches of the least thoracic splanchnic nerve.

Supplied Structures & Function

The sympathetic fibers of the least splanchnic nerve synapse in the renal plexus. The postganglionic fibers from this plexus innervate the kidneys and adrenal glands.

Visceral sensory fibers from these tissues return to the central nervous system via the least splanchnic nerve.

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