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Intercostobrachial Nerve
Nervous System

Intercostobrachial Nerve

Nervus intercostobrachialis

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The lateral cutaneous branch of the second intercostal nerve is also known as the intercostobrachial nerve.


The intercostobrachial nerve crosses the axilla to enter the medial arm. Here it joins the medial brachial cutaneous nerve. It pierces the deep fascia of the arm to innervate the skin.



Supplied Structures & Function

The intercostobrachial nerve conveys sensory innervation from the skin of the medial and posterior forearm and arm, skin of the axilla, and skin overlying the second intercostal space. Please refer to the Foerster’s dermatome map (Foerster, 1933, Standring, 2016).


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Intercostobrachial Nerve

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The intercostobrachial nerve is a sensory nerve that runs through the axilla and innervates the skin of the axilla and upper medial aspect of the arm.

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