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Anterior Scrotal Nerve
Nervous System

Anterior Scrotal Nerve

Nervi scrotales anteriores

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Quick Facts

Origin: Ilioinguinal nerve.

Course: From superficial inguinal ring, anteriorly and inferiorly down anterior surface of pubic area and scrotum.

Branches: None.

Supply: Somatic sensation from skin of pubic area, dorsal proximal penis, anterior scrotum, and upper medial thigh.

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The anterior scrotal nerves are branches of the ilioinguinal nerve, which originate as the ilioinguinal nerve exits the superficial inguinal ring.

The anterior scrotal nerves are synonymous to the anterior labial nerves in females.


The anterior scrotal nerves run from their origin anteriorly and inferiorly, towards their targets in the pubic area.


The anterior scrotal nerves are terminal nerves that end at their target tissues.

Supplied Structures

The anterior scrotal nerves convey somatic sensory innervation from skin in the anterior region of the pubic area. Specifically, this includes the dorsal proximal most portion of the penis, the anterior portion of the scrotum, and the anterior thigh adjacent to the scrotum (Moore, Dalley and Agur, 2013).


Moore, K. L., Dalley, A. F. and Agur, A. M. R. (2013) Clinically Oriented Anatomy. Clinically Oriented Anatomy 7th edn.: Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

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