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Perineal Body
Muscular System

Perineal Body

Corpus perineale

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The perineal body (perineal center, or central tendinous point of perineum) is the irregular, fibromuscular mass that provides an attachment site for many perineal muscles.

It is a central point in the perineum, where both fibrous and muscular tissues converge.

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Anatomical Relations

The perineal body is found along the midline, between the anal and urogenital triangles, and is located:

- anterior to the external anal sphincter;

- posterior to the bulbospongiosus muscle, the vagina in females, and the bulb of the penis in males;

- inferior to the levator ani muscle;

- medial to the superficial and deep transverse perineal muscles.

It is continuous:

- anteriorly, with the perineal membrane;

- superiorly, with the rectovaginal septum in females and the rectovesical septum in males;

- inferiorly, with the superficial perineal fascia.


The perineal body provides an attachment site for the:

- external anal sphincter muscle;

- bulbospongiosus muscles;

- superficial transverse perineal muscles;

- deep transverse perineal muscles;

- levator ani muscle.

It provides structural support to the pelvic floor and adjacent pelvic and perineal structures (Sinnatamby, 2011).

List of Clinical Correlates

- Prolapse of pelvic viscera

- Fecal incontinence


Sinnatamby, C. S. (2011) Last's Anatomy: Regional and Applied. ClinicalKey 2012: Churchill Livingstone/Elsevier.

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