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Deep Lymph Vessels of Lower Limb (Left)
Lymphoid System

Deep Lymph Vessels of Lower Limb (Left)

Vasa lymphatica membri inferioris profundi

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Quick Facts

Location: Accompanying the femoral artery and vein.

Drainage: Muscles and joints of the lower limb.

Direction of Flow: Deep inguinal lymph nodes > common iliac lymph nodes > lateral aortic lymph nodes (left) and lateral caval lymph nodes (right) > left and right lumbar lymph trunk > cisterna chyli > thoracic duct.

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The deep lymph vessels of the lower limb arise from the deep popliteal lymph nodes. They extend from the popliteal fossa, through the length of the thigh with the femoral artery and vein, and drain into the deep inguinal lymph nodes (Schünke et al., 2006).

The deep lymph vessels drain the deep aspects of the lower limb, including the muscles and joints.


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