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Mandibular Gingiva
Digestive System

Mandibular Gingiva

Gingiva mandibularis

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The mandibular gingiva is the region of oral mucosa surrounding the lower dentition and the corresponding alveolar regions of the mandible. There are two regions of gingivae, the attached and free gingivae. The bulk of the gingiva is attached to the alveolar margins of the mandible. The free gingivae form a thin rim, of approximately 1 mm, around the neck of the teeth (Standring, 2016).

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Key Features/Anatomical Relations

At the base of the mandibular gingivae, the masticatory mucosa of the gingiva is separated from the lining mucosa by the mucogingival junction. This can be easily differentiated due to the different colors of the different mucosae. The mucosa lining the alveolar surfaces is dark red while the gingival mucosa is pale pink. This is proportional to the level of keratinization and its proximity to the vasculature.


The gingivae act as a barrier against the external environment, such as preventing injury, water loss, and microbial invasion. Additionally, since the gingivae is considered masticatory mucosa, it protects underlying structures from the mechanical stresses of mastication.

List of Clinical Correlates

- Gingivitis


Standring, S. (2016) Gray's Anatomy: The Anatomical Basis of Clinical Practice., 41st edition. Elsevier Limited.

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The body (or corpus, or horizontal ramus) is the thick, bony part of the mandible that anchors the teeth.

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