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Joints of Hand (Left)
Connective Tissue

Joints of Hand (Left)

Articulationes manus

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There are many joints that form the hand. The intercarpal joints are formed between the carpal bones which consist of:

—the carpal joints between the proximal row of carpal bones;

—the carpal joints between the distal row of carpal bones;

—the articulations between the proximal and distal carpal bones which is termed the midcarpal joints.

The carpometacarpal joints are formed by the articulations between the carpals and the five metacarpals. The metacarpophalangeal joints connect the metacarpals to the proximal phalanges.

Distally, the proximal and distal interphalangeal joints connect the phalanges in each digit. Note that the thumb only has two phalanges and thus only one interphalangeal joint.

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Joints of Hand

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