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Vaginal Artery (Right)
Cardiovascular System

Vaginal Artery (Right)

Arteria vaginalis

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Quick Facts

Origin: Uterine artery.

Course: Medially towards the lateral aspect of the vagina.

Branches: Azygos arteries and inferior vesical artery.

Supplied Structures: Lower vagina and fundus of the bladder.

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The vaginal artery originates from the anterior division of the internal iliac artery or it may originate directly from the uterine artery.


The vaginal artery travels towards the midline. As it approaches the lateral aspect of the vagina, it gives off a series of smaller vessels call the azygos arteries.


Azygos arteries arise from the vaginal artery and form anterior and posterior median longitudinal arteries along the external vaginal wall.

The inferior vesical branch extends anteriorly towards the bladder.

Supplied Structures

The vaginal artery supplies the inferior aspect of the vagina. However, the contribution of the vaginal artery to the vasculature of the vagina is highly variable.

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