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Splenic Branches of Splenic Artery
Cardiovascular System

Splenic Branches of Splenic Artery

Rami splenici arteriae splenicae

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Quick Facts

Origin: Splenic artery.

Course: Continue a short distance laterally into the hilum of the spleen and enters its parenchyma.

Branches: 4–5 segmental branches.

Supplied Structures: Spleen.

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The splenic artery usually gives two branches, one superior and one inferior, before entering the parenchyma of the spleen at the hilum.


The superior and inferior splenic branches pass a short distance left, lateral, into the hilum of the spleen and enter its parenchyma.


In the spleen parenchyma, the terminal splenic branches of the splenic artery give rise to 4–5 segmental branches. There is little anastomoses between arteries of individual segments such that ligation of a segmental branch leads to ischemia of that portion of the spleen (Pandey et al., 2004; Cortés and Gómez Pellico, 1988).

Supplied Structures

The splenic branches supply the spleen.


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