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Posterior Spinal Arteries
Cardiovascular System

Posterior Spinal Arteries

Arteriae spinales posteriores

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Quick Facts

Origin: Vertebral artery.

Course: Descends in the posterolateral sulci of the spinal cord.

Branches: Pial plexus.

Supplied Structures: Posterior spinal cord.

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The posterior spinal arteries (two in number) arise either directly from the vertebral artery or from the posterior inferior cerebellar artery (a branch of the vertebral artery).


The posterior spinal arteries descend in posterolateral sulci of the spinal cord.


The posterior spinal arteries contribute to the pial plexus. Additionally, they receive contributions from 10 to 23 posterior segmental medullary (radiculomedullary) arteries (Jones et al., 2013).

Supplied Structures

The posterior spinal arteries supply the remaining dorsal gray and white columns and peripheral parts of the lateral and ventral white columns (Standring, 2020).

List of Clinical Correlates

- Spinal cord ischemia


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Posterior Spinal Artery

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The posterior spinal arteries are paired discontinuous arteries that arise from the vertebral arteries and run medial to the dorsal root entry zone.

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