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Deep Temporal Arteries (Left)
Cardiovascular System

Deep Temporal Arteries (Left)

Arteriae temporales profundus

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The deep temporal arteries consist of the anterior and posterior deep temporal arteries that arise from the maxillary artery.

The deep temporal arteries ascend above the level of the zygomatic arch, under the cover of the tendon of the temporalis muscle. They travel between the temporalis muscle and the pericranium, thus producing grooves within the bone.

There are no named branches of the deep temporal arteries; however, they anastomose with the middle temporal branch of the superficial temporal artery. Additionally, the anterior deep temporal artery anastomosis with the lacrimal artery by ramifications that perforate the zygomatic bone and greater wing of the sphenoid bone.

The deep temporal arteries supply the temporalis muscle.

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Arteries are vessels transporting blood between heart, tissues, and other organs in order to supply them with nutrition and oxygen.

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