World Health Awareness 2021

Research & resources for building a fairer, healthier world

Elsevier supports World Health awareness with freely available research and other resources

It is no secret that the ability to live a healthy life and have better access to healthcare is related to the conditions we live in. People around the world struggle with lack of clean air and water, shortages of food, and little or no access to education and health services.

It is clear that knowledge is key to improving conditions for at-risk populations. Our mission at Elsevier is to help researchers and healthcare professionals advance science and boost health outcomes for the benefit of society. We offer resources that support this mission and that of the World Health Organization’s new campaign for “building a fairer, healthier world.”

Resources available to all researchers

Novel Coronavirus Resource Directory

Novel Coronavirus Resource Directory | Elsevier

To support the extraordinary efforts of the health and research communities combatting coronavirus, we have created a range of free resources, including evidence-based clinical guidance and more than 41,000 research articles to read, download and data mine. This directory provides a complete overview of these resources.

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Scopus Author Profiles

Scopus Author Profiles - grey verctor globus illustration | Elsevier

Researchers can search across 17 million Scopus author profiles to find subject matter experts and identify potential collaborators, reviewers, advisors, mentors or co-authors. In addition, researchers can ensure their own author profile is up-to-date and claim research to be included in their profile.

Author profiles are available with or without a Scopus subscription.

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Pre-generated search queries for 16 of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are part of a plan to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone by 2030.

The 16 pre-generated SDG queries on Scopus allow you to explore the work being done by the various countries, institutions and researchers for each SDG. Each search query generates a pre-defined query string to Scopus documents for each SDG.

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For ScienceDirect users:

Elsevier Books mapped to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our archive of over 2,000+ recently added books are mapped to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which features titles to help address the challenges of delivering wellness on a global level.

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