Future scoping the world of research

What might the world of research look like 10 years from now?

Research Futures report - Research Intelligence | Elsevier

The research landscape is shifting under our feet. 10 years from now, business as usual simply won’t be an option. While it’s certain that change is coming, what form it will take and how fast it will unfold depends on many variables.

To prepare for the opportunities – and challenges – that lie ahead, Elsevier and global research agency Ipsos MORI developed a future-scoping study with input from futurists, funders, publishers, tech experts and over 2,000 researchers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines who shared their predictions for the future.

For this new report, we:

  • Mapped 19 key trends, ranging from the rise of collaboration and open science to the growing influence of China.
  • Grouped those trends into 6 insightful essays exploring their potential to transform R&D funding, researcher workflows, education & more.
  • Developed 3 credible scenarios, all set a decade from now. Each predicts radical change, and each acknowledges that business as usual will no longer be an option.

If you are curious to discover what the future of research may look like, take a moment to tell us a little bit about yourself and we’ll send you the full report.